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Call Center Technical Support

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Outsourcing Tier I and Tier II Technical Support has saved companies millions of dollars every year. At Oasis Marketing Solutions, we offer highly skilled technical groups, scalable operations and quality training programs.

We can set up Technical Support or Help Desk for a variety of technology companies including mobile devices and computers.

Tier I Technical Support provides basic customer handling; solving username/password issues, troubleshooting and information gathering and requires general product/service knowledge. Tier I agents will serve as the initial point of contact in supporting your customers.

Tier II Technical Support provides more in depth information and analysis required to resolve escalations from the Tier I team. These agents are highly skilled and more experienced to ensure your customers are receiving the answers they need.

Help Desk provides support via phone or email to internal users. They may handle incoming questions or track and route to appropriate personnel.

Oasis Marketing Solutions understands it’s not enough for technology organizations to simply offer a support option but to provide your customer with a positive interaction and the quickest resolution possible.