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Inbound Call Center Services

Customer Service

Current domestic challenges have brought first class customer service needs back to the forefront of the call center industry. In recent years, many companies lost focus on providing quality customer care. At Oasis Marketing Solutions, we have always believed that customer service is a top priority for every organization.

Inbound customer service and sales operatorWe recognize and understand the efforts it takes to gain a customer — and keep them. This ideology is the basis of our core competency for every customer service program. Oasis Marketing Solutions aligns its attributes to mirror this philosophy while replicating your current corporate culture.

With a fully programmable IVR, flexible options on hours of operations, Oasis Marketing Solutions is positioned to help you succeed with your inbound customer service needs.

Inbound Sales

Inbound is not just about customer service. With our vast sales experience, Oasis Marketing Solutions will build an inbound sales campaign that will meet or exceed your ROI. We can work with you on full inbound sales or cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Whether it is a simple add-on order or multiple offers on one call, we can help you build and execute a successful inbound sales campaign.