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Oasis Marketing Solutions began operations in July 2009 in Boca Raton, Florida with 20 associates. Since then, we have grown to a staff of 120 associates during the daytime and average 40 associates in the evening. With 30% inbound and 70% outbound business, we are a diversified call center solution that can meet your every need. With the capacity of 500 seats and a strong partnership with our sister company, we offer the ability to grow with your business.

Current technology offers rapid quality staffing, program setup, production rollout with quick monitoring and reporting capabilities. Our strong measured quality, accuracy and performance standards ensure we deliver excellent results to our clients.

Our mission is to provide highly effective services to our clients and end users keeping in mind our vision and corporate values.

We strive to develop and maintain strong, professional, long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on professionalism, efficiency of services and mutual understanding of each other’s business practices. Our strong marketing and partnership experience allow Oasis Marketing to tailor your program to ensure all needs are met and performance is exceeded.

Innovative thinking, adaptability, compassionate Service, consistent output, prominent and flexibility are the core values of our organization. With our strong knowledge of the outsourcing industry we are able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to our clients and achieve high business proficiency.